Dr. Kertesz reflects on overcoming his own fears as an advocate

The CSI:OPIOIDs team includes many of us who are moved to this work by a strong sense of passion to prevent suicide and to improve the care of people with pain.

Dr. Kertesz began to speak out against harm to patients with pain in 2016. By 2019, he had published opinion pieces in journals across the country. While many people welcomed his voice, some were angry that he spoke out. Some even called his supervisors to complain about him, or spoke to the press.

Dr. Kertesz recently wrote about his experience as an advocate, where he had to confront some of his own fears. He described being “rattled” by criticism, but also finding the strength to persevere, based on a mission of fundamental fairness for everyone, regardless of disability or power.

In his latest article for the blog “Sensible Medicine” he writes: “there is something in me that has always recoiled against making the short end of the stick even shorter for whoever is already on that end.” The full story (and a recording of it by Dr. Kertesz) is online here

Read the full story at Sensible Medicine here

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